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Phoenix, 16/09/14

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Anonymous was like: Wait what happened last year??? Did el PRI basically do the same thing as in 68??? Thank you for making everyone knowledgeable of these kinds if things!!

Well no but kinda, the massacre of 68 was literally that, a massacre. Since 2012 there have been a LOT of protests against el PRI bc the elections that gave them power again were rigged and there has been a lot of police brutality but not as big and obvious as the one in 68, there have been lots of deaths all over the country because of this tho…it’s the same shit just another pendejo

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Anonymous was like: what part of Mexico are you from?


the tlatelolco massacre was probably one of the most fucked up thing in MEXICAN history, picture this, there were ALL university and high school students that started a revolution for their rights, the year being 1968 which was the year Mexico was going to be home to the Olympics, so basically you got these students PEACEFULLY protesting and the president is like UUUUH this is not a good image for our country everyone is gonna see these rebels..OH! let’s just kill them! and they did…the students and other residents where in a plaza surrounded by buildings when a helicopter appeared and gave the signal, then sniper shooters from on top of the buildings started shooting and killing EVEYONE, when everyone started running the military came and surrounded them and shot at them…they shot and killed hundreds of unarmed students…they took the leaders of the revolution and executed them and then they took all their bodies and burned them or threw them in the ocean and just cleaned their hands….these same people that did this are in power again..40+ years later people are still asking for justice and it’s so fucked up how we probably won’t ever get it..


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On October 2, 1968, the Plaza of the Three Cultures in the Tlatelolco apartment complex in Mexico City filled up with thousands of students and Tlatelolco residents. The students and residents boldly defied army troops and escalating government brutality. This was happening as hundreds of international journalists gathered in Mexico City for the 1968 Olympic Games, which were just about to get underway.

As darkness fell, soldiers, tanks, and police secretly surrounded the crowd. At a preset signal, helicopters, undercover agents in the crowd, two columns of soldiers advancing in a pincer movement, and tanks opened fire. Over 300 people were murdered and thousands wounded and jailed on that October 2 evening—known as the Massacre of Tlatelolco.

With this savage act, the U.S.-controlled regime of the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) hoped to isolate and terrorize the student upsurge. Instead, the massacre exposed the real nature of the government—and compelled many people in Mexico to grapple with the question of what it will take to bring about real change.

The massacre of Tlatelolco is still an open wound for the Mexican people. 44 years later, in this year of stolen elections and with the PRI’s return to Presidential power, we’re sadly reminded that things haven’t changed.

Pero aunque nos sigan callando, no se olvida.


Mexico ’68: A Movement, A Massacre, and the 40-Year Search for the Truth

In the summer of 1968, students in Mexico began to challenge the country’s authoritarian government. But the movement was short-lived, lasting less than three months. It ended October 2, 1968, ten days before the opening of the Olympics in Mexico City, when military troops opened fire on a peaceful student demonstration.

The shooting lasted over two hours. The next day the government sent in cleaners to wash the blood from the plaza floor. The official announcement was that four students were dead, but eyewitnesses said hundreds were killed. The death toll was not the only thing the government covered up.

The Massacre of Tlatelolco has become a defining moment in Mexican history, but for forty years the truth of that day has remained hidden.

Learn more about the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre

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