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Liam: “Ben Winston is a very good friend of ours”. x

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I went to church the other day..



Anonymous was like: I'm sending you this because I just think it's kind of rude to say that you're shocked by how ugly someone is, regardless of who you're talking about

did I make the post? no. now stop bothering me bc I don’t care what you have to say u_u

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Anonymous was like: I don't care if you don't find Harry attractive, obviously you're entitled to your own opinion and it'd be silly of me to criticize you for that. but like it's just kind of rude to reblog a post blatantly stating that he's ugly?

If you don’t care why are you sending me this 💅

liam and louis describing niall (◡‿◡✿) 

kaseystagram was like: Pls just look at my last post or just google it i don't even care but pls be aware fried chicken corsages exist

please love yourself


+ this one’s better


i feel like niall thinks this about himself as he enters a room or smth



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